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Gothia Redskap has been sold to Lyckegård Group, which means that System Cameleon will be included in Lyckegård's product range from March.


Lyckegård Group has in recent years expanded its product range and today has several interesting products aimed at cultivation systems without chemicals. Lyckegård Group has a stated goal of becoming this category's obvious first hand choice in Europe. With this deal, we at Gothia Redskap see a strengthened and very positive future for System Cameleon.


The current owner of Gothia Redskap has reinvested in Lyckegård Group and will in future be one of -its co-owners, all employees in Gothia Redskap will retain their positions.


We look forward growing together with Lyckegård. The product portfolio fits well together with Cameleon and together it will be a better offering to our customers.


About Gothia Redskap AB

Gothia is an innovative family business where agrarian knowledge is deeply integrated with solid engineering skills. The company develops, produces and sells farm machinery for tillage and seeding on the international markets. To understand and meet the farmer’s needs with high-tech quality products are Gothia’s core business.



System Cameleon

The machine is modulebuilt and can be built according to the customers requirements and needs. Our machine replaces many different machines and can perform multiple operations such as sowing, liquid/granulate fertilizer, row hoeing and much more.

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