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Gothia Redskap & Ekoväxt AB was founded in 1988 by Lars Askling. The first product was a series of the wheel lifts namedstandard, standard S and Rubber.

1996, a new wheel lift was launchedcalled Liberator. The Liberator that was developed to cope with a high frequency of use which is required in a factory and workshop or for long-term use on the farm. 

The product was well received by the market and are currently exported to several countries.

2002 the company began developing an agricultural machine in order to better manage crop production with reduced or excludedfrom pesticide use. After 7 years the machine called System Cameleon was ready to be sold, and in 2009 the first serie produced machines was delivered.

Still today, the company is owned by Lars Askling.

Gothia Redskap

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