Information on the new data protection legislation


New laws within the European Union, commonly known as GDPR, start to apply within the EES on the 25 of May 2018.

The intention of the new legislation is to make sure that your personal information in handled correctly and is not used for anything except the purpose for which it is intended. Gothia Redskap AB informs you in this way because you either are, or may become a costumer of Gothia Redskap AB.

We will only use the information about you necessary to provide you with the proper technical support regarding the products we market and sell. The type of information we will store about you is your name, address and contact information such as e-mail, phone number etc. Certain information concerning your business will be saved, such as hectares, crops, soil structure etc. We will connect and save your personal data with the products from Gothia that you use in order to provide you with the best possible support. Information regarding you and your Gothia products will also be used in direct mail from us where we inform you about campaigns, product updates or new products to come. No information that can be regarded as “sensitive” will be saved.

We will delete the information about you when it is superfluous or is no longer needed.

If you do not want us to save this kind of information, we want you to let us know. Either via e-mail to or by sending us a letter to the following address:


Gothia Redskap AB

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