Combination runs and more field works

System Cameleons unique construction creates complete new driving opportunities and many runs can be done simultaneously.
Thanks to the camera steering, the system Cameleon can hoe, weed harrow, harrow crust in between the lines and so do the work without damaging the crop.an.

By combining the camera control system and the seed units the system can drill in between the lines. For example, a grass seed ley establishment can easily be done in between the crop rows.

Some runs can be done simultaneously. For example, the fertilization can be done while the space between the rows is weed harrowed. Similarly crust harrowing can be done while fertilizer is placed in moist soil.

System Cameleon can also inter row drill or wide spread drill in band above or below ground, while hoeing. At weed harrowing the machine can drill in rows below ground or wide spread above ground.

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