Precise placement of liquid/granulate fertilizer


High fertilizer rate capacity and revolutionary placement increases profitability

System Cameleon is designed to optimize the fertilizer effect even for long term
fertilizer as pelletized organic fertilizer or conventional synthetic NPK fertilizer.

The systems module for sowing and fertilizer combined with the inter row system creates a new type of field work, inter row fertilization. In the spring, in autumn drilled crops, there is now possibility to do fertilizer placement in moist soil between the crop rows. Because of that benefit winter crops will get an similar nitrogen effect like fertilized spring crops.


System Cameleon can be equipped with automatic inter rowing. It allows that tillage can be made with high precision in between the crop rows.rna.

The inter rowing system is based on a camera that monitors the crop rows and transmits the information to a computer that steer the machine in between the lines.

To minimize downtime the machine sets quickly between sowing and hoeing by working the framework hydraulically to one side.The machine can for example in springtime fertilize autumn seeded crops, hoe weeds with great accuracy, harrow crust in between the rows and weed harrow in between rows. It can also be used for under sowing new crops in between existing lines.

This provides unprecedented opportunities for increased profitability in arable farming.


Correct placement of fertilizer in moist soil is very positive with the use of organic and others more poorly soluble fertilizer.

These fertilizers requires moisture and ground contact to obtain mineralization. A broad cast above ground or basis incorporation with the traditional technique requires a lot of rain. In dry weather conditions the impact of the expensive fertilizers missing altogether. When the fertilizer is placed deep in moist soil, the mineralization process is independent of the availability of rain.

The Cameleons powerful hoeing loosens the soil and put air inside which provide mineralization and gives optimal conditions for the crop. Tillage in between the rows provides nitrogen mineralization for the growing crops which will increase the yield 
while leaching is minimized.

System Cameleon fertilizing PG Luomutuotto Vinasse 2,5-0-3 between the crop rows. Total N = 75,6kg/ha, liquid N = 44,7kg/ha C/N = 5

Fertilizing Luomutuotto vinasse 3,5-0-7-2 NPKS before oats drillning

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