Accurate seeding with low horsepower requirement

System Cameleon is built to provide accurate seed placement independent of earlier deep of harrowing. Although this is usually enough with a 160 horsepower tractor for an 8 m Cameleon equipped for seed, fertilizer or weed management.

These properties are important to get a uniform emergence and to reduce soil compaction when sowing. The low horse power requirement also means that an additional investment in a larger tractor rarely needed for investment in an 8 m

Central depth adjustment
The depth setting is done centrally for all coulters at once while the carriers that keep the coulters, ensures that each coulters still have individual ground following.

Revolutionary seeding technology
The Cameleons seed coulters system is designed to clean and loosen around the seed without pressing down plant residues. or compaction in any direction. This is important especially in peas who easily are affected by compaction.


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