Powerful and combined solutions for management weeds inter row hoeing


System Cameleon has a powerful design which gives a positive impact on inter row hoeing.

Cameleon is designed with several carriers where bout blades and / or coulters are mounted. The carrier is unique and provides an extreme stability capable of maintaining
the accuracy required for exactly hoeing while providing individual ground ride for each carrier.

The carrier is designed so the blade not should move laterally as well provide high cut ability. In hard soil the carrier are pushed backwards instead of upwards. With this construction the hoeing blade never go on tip. Instead the hoeing occurs
with the entire blade width. (See image below.)


At wide hoeing blades the systems Cameleon can be used as a cultivator and then gives full hoeing of the entire soil layer in one pass.

This type of tillage has particular advantages in the spring. An early harrowing lifts the entire layer of soil so that weed seeds get start impulses which at delayed sowing create maximum weed effect. At harrowing in the autumn, the system manages to cut through the beams better than a ordinary tine can handle.


System Cameleon equipped with camera control allows inter row weed harrowing.

This means that the weed harrowing can be carried out without damaging the crop after crop emergence. Of course, it also allows weed harrowing without camera control even in the earlier stages before crop emergence.

Second hoeing of winterwheat in Sweden.

Hoeing winter rape in spring with System Cameleon. Rowdistance is 50 cm.

Hackning av raps med Cameleon

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