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System Cameleon is designed to provide more flexibility and opportunities for successful farming evenwithout pesticides. The system is not only a seed drill. Due to the machine’s inter row technique it can also work between the crop rows after it’s emergence. This means that the system replaces multiple
machines and provides completely new field applications like inter row fertilization. As a seeder it drills the crop in exact line spacing which subsequently enables precise inter row hoeing which is closer the
crop rows than otherwise possible. The combined effect of the system is reduced machine costs, maximized precision and a higher return than traditional technology.

By thinking outside the box we can supply a modular overall concept which is unique to the market. Welcome to System Cameleon.

The most developed system for organic farming

Better nitrogen mineralization occurs through accurate placement of fertilizer as well
as by the powerful cultivation action of inter row hoeing when compared to the performance of competitors.

The System Cameleon combines accurate seed placement and low power requirement.
For an 8 m System Cameleon, equipped for sowing, fertilization and inter row
hoeing, a 160 hp tractor usually enough.

These are just some of the benefits that make System Cameleon to the most
developed system for arable farming, without, or with reduced use of pesticides.

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